The objective of the firm is to provide top quality products

Bethlehem Art provides quality olive wood art straight from Israel. When you take a closer look and hold a piece of art, you will listen to art items inform the story of God as well as Savior, Jesus. In addition to making use of all-natural sources, Bethlehem Art additionally makes use of recycled products.

There are several styles of art developed by Bethlehem Art. Each piece is hand carved by highly knowledgeable artists, including those who live in Israel or around the globe. This creates a distinct experience for the buyer as well as enables them to develop a really individualized piece of art for their residence or office.

Bethlehem Art strives to create authentic and also artistic artworks using the finest materials, such as reclaimed olive timber. Their items are both eye-catching as well as functional. Some art pieces are available in various surfaces such as incomplete and also pushed wood. The incomplete items are usually made from birch, which has all-natural dashes of color. Pressed timber, on the other hand, is used pushed birch veneer and is ended up utilizing a solvent-based option to seal and also shield the wood.

Bethlehem Art aims to give customers with remarkable quality art that can easily be presented in any space. Their products can be discovered in a vast olive wood nativity set array of dimensions, from small, handcrafted pieces to big, multi-panel pieces. that are perfect for offices or houses. The items can be created using a wide range of various timber types, consisting of want, maple, oak, fir, cedar, and also more.

Bethlehem Art additionally produces various other kinds of timber items. These pieces are available in a range of dimensions as well as styles.

For those who delight in great crafts, Bethlehem Art likewise supplies an online store. Below you will certainly be able to discover a wide variety of items, consisting of handcrafted and prefabricated furniture and art materials. There are likewise present certifications that can be utilized for various other art associated products.

If you have actually never ever thought about buying art from Bethlehem Art, I motivate you to do so. Not just will you be sustaining regional artists, but you will certainly be aiding the atmosphere by choosing eco-friendly items. If you wish to acquire an original piece of art from Bethlehem Art, you will certainly be glad to know that you will certainly have the ability to get this item directly from the artist.


Bethlehem Art, Inc. was begun in 1948 by Yosef Tzionis and lies in the state of Israel. They have actually expanded significantly over the years, and presently are a popular business. Their items are sold all over the world.

Bethlehem Art creates a large range of things to be utilized as presents and also decorations for homes, offices, gardens, and patio areas. Bethlehem Arts additionally creates a line of distinct attractive lamps.

The objective of the business is to supply top quality products to clients with their innovative styles. If you want to find out more about this business, see their web site today and try to find examples of their terrific art pieces.

Bethlehem Art gives top quality olive wood art directly from Israel. When you take a closer appearance and hold an item of art, you will certainly hear art items tell the story of God and also Savior, Jesus. Bethlehem Art makes every effort to create authentic and also imaginative jobs of art using the finest materials, such as reclaimed olive wood. Bethlehem Art makes every effort to supply consumers with phenomenal high quality art that can easily be shown in any kind of area. If you would such as to acquire an initial piece of art from Bethlehem Art, you will be grateful to know that you will certainly be able to obtain this piece straight from the musician.